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Africa’s Road Infrastructure in Need of Timely Maintenance

A section of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway in Nigeria being reconstructed

The Minister of Transport said roads are among the most important public assets in the countries and timely maintenance of roads brings immediate benefits to road users through ready and easy social and economic amenities.

Opening the Sixteenth African Road Maintenance Funds Associations Annual Assembly Minister Ahmed Shida yesterday said a widening gap between the financial resources required for road maintenance in most African countries and the available resources has been creating havoc on timely road renovation activities.

He, therefore, said it is essential to activate common ideas and best practices to mobilize resources focusing on road maintenance.

As to him, every African country has to follow the continental framework to support regional road infrastructure development that will subsequently connect the whole continent.

He also noted that with the increasing pressure on road maintenance budgets, the government and Ethiopians at large have put top priority on the effectiveness of maintaining roads.

The African Roads Maintenance Fund Association President and the Ethiopian Road Fund Office Director-General Reshid Mohamed for his part said poorly maintained and impassable roads have kept rural farmers in many African countries poor despite their hard work.

” It is crucial to emphasize the importance of scaling up and accelerating the road development backup with regular road maintenance and road safety measures.”

He said as this annual meeting is underway under the theme: ” Preserving our Road Asset for Realizing Agenda is 2063″, helps to revitalize integrating the continent politically united based on the ideals of Pan-Africanism and the vision of Africa’s renaissance.

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According to Reshid, the annual general assembly which brought together over 150 stakeholders and partners would serve to renew ARMFA’S partnership with regional and international organizations that would nurture synergy and realize shared visions of improving African road infrastructure.

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