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Ask Larry



Hi everyone, it’s another Tuesday and we have three issues to deal with. We welcome reactions to the questions and answers from readers.


Hi Larry,

What are the areas should we focus more in order to improve warehouse transportation?        [Joy, Ikeja Lagos]

Larry:                     A warehouse is distribution center or storage facility where the emphasis is on processing and moving goods on to other parts of the supply chain. From my experience, there are ten key areas to focus and make warehouse transportation effective, and they are:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Unification of product
  3. Vehicle fill
  4. Vehicle and operational records
  5. Preloading
  6. Delivery Frequency
  7. Turnaround Times
  8. Journey Times
  9. Fixed Routing
  10. Performance standard


Hi Larry,

What Tools and Methodologies do Moov use to carry out Supply Chain evaluation? [George, Odogbolu Ogun State]

Larry:                     We begin by conducting interviews with your key personnel to gain an understanding of your company, your operations, and your objectives. The interview process is designed to identify the kinds of challenges and bottlenecks that are restricting the flows of information and materials throughout your supply chain.

Following the interview phase, we perform a process mapping procedure that provides a visual representation of the supply chain activities and the key personnel impacting those activities. We will review this information with management to discuss ways in which your company’s supply chain processes can be improved.


Hi Larry

What are some of the key benefits one can expect from using your Supply Chain Management Services? [John, University of Lagos]

Larry:                     When supply chain operates well in an organization, the various departments of the company will easily interact smoothly and function in harmony with one another. Then members of staff will begin to work in a synchronized form across departmental lines towards the same corporate goals, which results in improved morale, productivity, and efficiency. The organization will begin to experience a reduction in cost while the customers enjoy better service quality. Moov can help you get there.



Comments or reactions on the issues above should be made below. All questions and comments must be related to logistics and supply-chain to be eligible for consideration and publication. New questions and answers will be published next Tuesday. Keep sending your questions.


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