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Malawi and Unicef launch drone air corridor

Malawi has launched Africa's first air corridor to test the use of drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, in humanitarian missions in partnership with the UN children's agency, Unicef. Kasungu Aerodrome, in central Malawi, will be used as a test site for aerial scouting in crisis situations, delivering supplies and using drones

Did Uber steal Self-Driving Car Trade Secret Belonging to Alphabet (Google owners)?

Larry Page, Travis Kalanick And Robot Car Stars Ordered To Testify In Uber-Waymo Case LarryPage Alphabet CEO A months-long legal fight between Alphabet’s Waymo and Uber over the theft of Google trade secrets is moving to its next phase. The federal judge in the case imposed a strict deadline for depositions from Alphabet CEO Larry Page, ex-Uber CEO Travis

How Rwanda is using Drones to deliver vital blood supplies

Rwanda has been commended for the innovative approach of adopting a drone delivery network to transport vital blood supplies to far-flung areas of the country. According to the Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, ''the use of commercial drones to transport essential medical products is a milestone for Rwanda''. Technology becomes relevant and meaningful when