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Earth’s magnetic shift to cost Wichita airport

Wichita, Kansas (AP) - The Wichita Eisenhower Nation airport will have to renumber its runways due to the slow but constant shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles that’s altered pilots’ compass headings. Airport officials told members of the Wichita Airport Advisory Board this week that the compass headings of the airport’s

Hyundai invests in Grab to gain ‘foothold’ in Southeast Asia ride-hailing market

Seoul (Reuters) - South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co said on Thursday it had invested in Southeast Asian ride-hailing firm Grab, as it seeks to expand into the region to reduce its reliance on China following a damaging diplomatic row between Seoul and Beijing. Hyundai’s first direct investment in a ride-hailing firm gives

Errant Bus Drivers Face Sanctions in Tanzania

The Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (Sumatra) on Monday started a special operation to punish commuter bus operators who ignore hygienic issues as per the authority's directives. The directives include appearing in proper uniforms and shoes which drivers must wear in order to control motor vehicles properly, said the Authority's

Kenya’s Night Bus Travel Ban Explained

PHOTO - Some stranded waiting helplessly as night travel ban bites Dar es Salaam -  The move by Kenyan Transport Authorities to restrict passenger motor vehicles from travelling after dusk is causing an uproar on the Tanzania side of the border. However, Tanzanian operators whose buses go to Kenya, say they are