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Moov ups its logistics service platform with Hail-A-Repair

…this connect Service Allows users to have their bad mobile devices picked from them, repaired and returned for a token delivery fee.

…phone owners have the option to wait for their repaired phones or hire one on-the-go from Moov while waiting


“The average Lagosian in this economy on a 9-5 job is worth about 540 Naira an hour.

“Spending two hours at the repair shop to get your mobile device (phone, laptop or tablet, printer, etc.) fixed means you’ve spent 1080 Naira, excluding the cost of transportation, stress incurred in traffic and harsh weather conditions.”

This was disclosed by the Business Development Associate of Moov Nigeria,  Mr Chile Egekwu, while flagging off the company’s new online mobile device repair service offer, Hail-A-Repair.

Moov Nigeria, the online logistics service company, that links delivery service providers to parcels and cargo has introduced this novel logistics solution to take away the stress and cost mobile device owners pay to get their bad or damaged devices repaired.

According to Mr. Egekwu, Hail-A-Repair is an errand service that enables a person with a damaged or bad mobile devices, like phones, tablets, game tools, printers, etc. to log it on the Moov website and have a Courier pick it up, send it to a Moov-certified workshop and return it back to the owner.

The owner has the option to wait for his repaired device to be returned to him or hire a temporary one from Moov while waiting.

“You don’t have to wait until your phone or tablet is repaired and returned to you before using one. You can hire one from us for a day while waiting for yours,” he said.

Our correspondent gathered that the service has been well received and is already receiving patronage from Lagosians.

Moov Nigeria is a member of Moov Africa, a purely online logistics service provider. The company plans to introduce other valuable online logistics services, which Mr.Egekwu disclosed that they are testing the functionalities.

“Save all that cost by going to to HAIL-A-REPAIR or call 08094820401 now! for that device to be picked from where you are, repaired and returned to you. Repairs are done by verified experienced technicians.”


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