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Parcel delivery can be just a click on your phone

Moov Nigeria now enables you to post that urgent parcels or cargo on its website and have reliable service providers deliver them speedily. Moov Nigeria is a member of Moov Africa, opening in 5 countries starting with Nigeria, then Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Egypt.

What is the business model of the company? Moov wants to do to parcels what Uber does to taxi riders.

A peep into the help board of guides you on how you can have your cargo picked from your home and delivered to any destination in Nigeria or overseas, without getting up from your seat or bed.

Moov registers and verifies delivery service providers across Nigeria and enable them to bid for packages posted on its website. Posting the package details is all a sender is required to do to attract delivery bidders.

Successful bidders automatically pickup and delivers the packages, while Moov monitors their performance and report delivery updates in real-time so the shippers can track the progress of the shipment.

Moov certified delivery service providers include courier firms, transport companies, drivers with own vehicles and cargo handling companies.Go

Go on, log on to and see for yourself.

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